Grease Trap Installation & Maintenance Services

ALAM AMAN SERVICES (M) SDN BHD offers grease trap installation and maintenance (cleaning) services at competitive prices and to meet your needs. We have a full fleet of vacuum trucks and experts with 20 years of experience ready to deliver a suite of grease trap cleaning and maintenance services.

Grease trap is a plumbing device to stop fats, oils or grease (FOG) from entering the sewer lines. that is mandatory requirement by Local authorities in every food outlet, restaurant, cafeteria, catering establishment and any other commercial cooking facility. We specialize in supply and installation of grease trap at your premises according to your specification and requirement.

FOG that accumulates in the grease trap must be removed regularly. The frequency of cleaning will vary depending on the type of food served and how active your business is. Regular cleaning keeps a grease trap working properly, preventing costly back-ups and keeping your business up and running.

Let us help you to tackle your grease problems

* Fats, Oils and Grease waste water solutions specialist.
* Providing grease traps and biological treatment systems.
* Effective Fats, Oils and Grease Treatment.
* Full Range of Superior Kitchen Grease Traps.

* From domestic, commercial & underground grease traps to our specialist filter trap range -we have a solution for your grease trap requirements.
* Innovative GREASE TRAP & FILTERTRAP designs.
* Wide availability of sizes -10 TO 5000 meals per day.
* We offer several DOSING SYSTEMS solutions.

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